Clean up your inbox with filters that organize mail automatically.

Fastmail filters manage new and existing messages quickly and easily. If you love a tidy inbox, the wait is over to take rules to the next level.

Filters process mail by sending certain messages to folders or marking them as important or unimportant, putting new and old mail in its proper place.

What’s changed? Setting up rules is more clear and convenient than ever before. Read on for more details.

We’ve improved how we match messages when they arrive, so creating a rule that works is as easy as searching your mailbox.

As you search through your mail, the option to create a new rule based on your search results appears right next to the search field. You can also edit rules from this handy spot.

Do more than one thing at a time

Fastmail’s new rule builder tool lets you apply more than one action to incoming mail.

For example, you can set a message from a VIP contact to be filed to a folder and pinned to the top of it.

Apply rules to the past, present, or both

While traditional rules run when a new message arrives, Fastmail rules can be applied to your entire inbox. Regardless of your use of rules in the past, you can have an organized inbox today.

You have more choices for how you want to filter, be it new mail, mail already in your inbox, or everything.

Preview the messages a rule will catch

To check if your new rule is going to work as expected, Fastmail now shows a preview in your mailbox as you’re creating it.

Want to filter out sales from your favorite clothing brand, but not mail about new orders and returns? The preview will confirm your rule collects the messages you want.

While you won't be able to preview old rules, those rules will be converted and can be edited. For example, you can add more than one action to a rule you’ve already set up.

Forward, quiet, or delete mail instantly

Set up rules to send copies to other accounts, like personal subscriptions that are also relevant to your work. Or, have mail you don’t care to look at day-to-day to be "mark as read” once it arrives so it won’t catch your eye.

If there is something you never want to see, automate it to "delete to trash," so it never clutters your inbox.

Block senders to never get unwanted mail

More advanced functions are in your settings. Here, you can easily add or edit your blocked senders list. (You can also block senders by clicking or tapping on the contact and using the "More" drop-down menu).

In settings, you can also create and edit your rules.

New Fastmail filters tame messy inboxes. Upgrade your rules in settings for an inbox that's working for you.