After the success of our advent calendar series last year, the FastMail team have semi-willingly subjected ourselves to the crazy business of writing a blog post a day for 24 days again this year!

We have been blogging more things as they happen this year, so there's less news to announce, but we have a mix of deeply technical, informative, or just plain amusing things to write about. It's going to be a fun ride.

I'm starting the series with something I wrote back in June, but didn't publish at the time. It's been sitting in the drafts bin since!

Come back every day before Christmas for new posts. This page will be updated with links to all the posts as they appear.

  1. A tangled path of workarounds (or why CardDAV took so long)
  2. FastMailʼs Homepage Through The Ages
  3. The search for a faster CRC32
  4. Time-saving Templates
  5. Reverse ACLs - making IMAP LIST fast
  6. Getting the most out of hardware
  7. How I came to use FastMail and still love using it today (a non-tech user’s point of view)
  8. How to stop a DDoS attack
  9. 5 Tips and Tricks
  10. The Design of a Good Credit Card Form
  11. The Zebra - firewall manager
  12. Even Batman has a Butler (and so should you)
  13. Doing it the hard way
  14. The colour run
  15. The anatomy of a good date and time widget
  16. ImapClone - Invisible Migration
  17. The endless battle against spam
  18. How you use FastMail
  19. Chatbot inteviews: Helen
  20. Sanitising HTML – the DOM clobbering issue
  21. Building a backup system for Cyrus
  22. The year of the Cyrus Foundation
  23. The JMAP momentum builds
  24. Note to self — IMAP notes are go!