A number of small updates have just been rolled out.

  1. When forwarding a number of messages as attachments, those messages
    would have been marked as read if they were unread. This no longer
    occurs, message stay unread
  2. When sending an email, on the next screen you're presented with a
    list of addresses the email was sent to. Additionally now you're
    also told what folder the sent message was saved into if any was
    specified explicitly or via the personality you used
  3. If you try and setup a Pop Link to a Hotmail account that has DAV
    access disabled, you're now given a more informative message
  4. On Windows Mobile based PDAs using Internet Explorer should now be
    more reliable. In particular certain web operations (most commonly
    the Reply or Forward buttons on the message read screen) would cause
    system error messages to be returned. These should be fixed.