Following up from some of your suggestions we've made a bunch of small improvements to the Address Book interface.

Some highlights are:
* Ctrl-Enter now sends the email from the compose screen.
* Changes to the sort order and number of records shown in the Address Book are now saved across sessions.
* The text 'No name' is no longer displayed if you haven't given First or Last names to an Address Book record.
* Headings have been made more descriptive:

  • 'Addresses' => 'Address Book'
  • 'Contacts' => 'Email / Phone'
  • 'Locations' => 'Addresses'
    * The name of the person you're editing is shown at the top of the Edit Address page.
    * You can quickly add and remove people from the Quicklist using the same interface as other groups.

Thanks to Richard for all his hard work on this.

You can post comments or bug reports in the forum thread here or in the original thread discussing the new addressbook.