This article was originally published as part of the Pobox blog. Pobox was acquired by Fastmail in 2015.

I love to talk about the importance of strong, unique passwords, and how password managers (our favorite is 1Password) are your best friend. Why are unique passwords important? The way lots of accounts get hacked is:

1) Company A gets breached. Oh no! Hackers got username/password pairs.
2) Profit! They sell those username/password pairs to tons of Bad Guys.
3) Bad Guys try those username/password pairs at tons of companies.

If you reused the same username and password at Company B (or C, or ....), they now have access to your account. A password is only as secure as the most vulnerable company you gave it to.

With Pobox AllMail, you can go one step further than unique passwords. If a unique password is good, a unique username and password is even better. AllMail is a feature for Pobox accounts using personal domains. It lets you send mail for all the addresses at the domain to the same place. You get to check mail all in one place, but every website you use has their own unique address for you. You could use for one place, for another.

You don't have to tell us each address once you've set up AllMail. You can just 'make up' new addresses as you need them, and they'll work. You can be shopping at a store and when asked for an email address during checkout, give them one you make up on the spot. Warning: cashiers will often ask if you're an employee, or say, "Wow, you must really like our store!"

AllMail doesn't have to be every address at your domain. If you want to forward mail to your mom at, her mail wouldn't be included in AllMail. If one of the companies you gave an address to turned out to be spammers, you can also tell us to ban mail from that address in the future. (You can also remove that ban if you need that mail after all.)

Adding a domain is easy -- register a domain with us, or bring one you've registered elsewhere. Once your domain is created, adding AllMail is as easy as telling us where we should forward the mail! Right now, AllMail is only available for personal domains, but if you would be interested in using it at one of our subdomains (like, drop us a line.

AllMail is included free for up to 2 domains with a Mailstore account, and $10/year for a domain with a Pobox Plus or Basic account.