We're very excited to have released the web UI for our new calendar on to our beta server for public testing at https://beta.fastmail.fm.

To access, simply log in to your FastMail account at https://beta.fastmail.fm and select "Calendar" from the menu in the
top left.

Note: The calendar is only available when you log in to the new user interface (the default). If you use the “Classic” user interface (by explicitly selecting it at login time or because you have an older browser like IE6/7 which doesn’t support the new interface) the calendar will not be available. We currently have no plans to port the calendar to the classic user interface.

Tips and tricks

  • Open the settings and select the new Calendar panel to enable a few
    advanced features, create new calendars and make sure your time zone
    is set correctly
  • You can drag and drop events to move them (or hold down alt whilst
    dragging to copy).
  • There are keyboard shortcuts for navigating (try j/k, or hit g), and
    also for the buttons in the action bar at the top (hover over the
    button to get a tooltip with the shortcut).

Sync to mobile/calendar software (CalDAV)

You can also sync your calendar with your mobile device as long as your device supports the CalDAV protocol (iOS supports it natively, Android requires a separate program, CalDAV-Sync works well, it costs around US$2). The required details are:

Most clients should correctly auto-discover your calendars. If that fails, you might need to setup the full CalDAV path in your client which is:

Make sure you replace fullfastmailusername@domain with your full FastMail username and domain.

Access restrictions

Not all service levels have access to the Calendar features.

Web UI

Available to all levels except legacy Guest and Member accounts (at the moment, the link is shown but events will not save; we will improve the UI here to make it clear that the calendar is not available to these service levels)


Available to:

  • Enhanced and Premier level accounts (Personal/Family)
  • Standard, Professional and Enterprise level accounts (Business)

That is, these levels do not have CalDAV access: Guest, Member (legacy). Lite, Full (Personal/Family). Basic (Business)

Current known issues and missing features

We’re actively working on all these issues.

  • There are currently some layout issues in older browsers. Supported
    browsers for now are: Chrome 21+, Firefox 22+, Opera 12.1+, Safari
    6.1+, IE9+.
  • Alerts do not work yet (you can set them in the event editor, but no
    alert will be shown when they are triggered).
  • Email reminders do not work yet (you will not be sent an email).
  • Emails are not yet sent out to people invited to an event.
  • An email is not currently sent when you respond to an invitation in
    the calendar view.
  • Integration with the mail part of our web UI (save attached event to
    calendar etc.)
  • Support for files attached to events.
  • Support for calendar sharing between users in a family/business
  • Support for subscribing to public iCal files and showing them in
    your calendar.
  • An easy way to import/export calendar data.

Please post bug reports, feature suggestions or other comments either in the forums or email us at betafeedback@fastmail.fm. We can't respond to everything, but we do read it all.