• Guest accounts discontinued for new signups (existing accounts
  • New personal service level: Premier, which is the same as Enhanced,
    but with increased storage and included SMS credits.
  • 60-day free trials for all service levels


After FastMail became a part of Opera Software, our technology was used to build the free My Opera Mail service. This has proven very popular, to the extent that we now have considerably more free accounts than free accounts.

We've therefore decided to consolidate FastMail as a premium brand with only paying accounts. This will allow us to continue to offer the configurability that FastMail users have come to expect, and also to improve our customer support for FastMail users. Users that want to sign up a free account should go to the My Opera Mail service.

To this end, we are discontinuing sign-ups and downgrades to the Guest service level. Existing Guest accounts will continue to work. We have no plans to cancel active Guest accounts. However, if a Guest account is deactivated because it has not been used for 120 days, then it will not be reactivated.

To give people a chance to try out FastMail before committing funds, we are introducing a 60-day free trial for our paid service levels. You may have already noticed this if you have visited our sign-up pages recently.

In addition, we are also introducing another personal service level: Premier. This will have all the features of the Enhanced level, including Priority support, but with 60 GB mail storage, 30 GB file storage and 400 SMS for $119.95/year. The features of Enhanced have not changed in any way.