You are our customer, not our product. This is our number one value. Your subscription fee doesn't just go towards keeping your email safe, secure and reliable; it means if you ever have a problem that our detailed help pages don't resolve, one of our friendly support team will help you out.

And now, as part of our commitment to providing first rate customer service, we have made it even easier to access FastMail Support.

We have made changes to our contact form and ticketing system to make them clearer and more user-friendly. We've also been busy behind the scenes improving our back-end systems, which means we can address issues faster and more efficiently than before.

The biggest change is that you can now send support requests via email, to!

Not all users will have access to the new system yet. We are gradually rolling it out over the next few weeks. We hope you like what you see.

With FastMail, you're not left alone. We know you would rather spend your time getting things done, not trying to fix a glitch by experimenting with something a random stranger on the internet tried once.

Ticket creation screenshot

We pride ourselves on the quality of our personal support service. As a result we don't use social media for individual support: instead please create a ticket. Most requests need us to send or receive the kind of information we (and you!) don't want to be exposed on social media. For detailed and rapid assistance, our ticketing system has the tools to help us help you.

We also don’t provide telephone support. Telephone support is expensive, and time consuming. In order to provide high quality, round-the-clock assistance while keeping your costs reasonable, we provide support by email only.

We do still love hearing from you! Drop us a line any time on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, where we post system-wide announcements.

While our system is changing, our policies remain the same. Here's how to recognise true requests from the FastMail support team. Our team will never ask you for a password or credit card number via email or phone. We will never offer to fix your problems by remotely accessing your computer. Messages from us will be identified with a green tick in the web interface. We encourage you to check out our full customer support policies.