Did you know that you can store files directly in your FastMail.FM account, and either:

  • Keep them private
  • Share them with a group of people using a password
  • Publish them as a photo album, or
  • Publish them on a public web site

It's as easy as using your own hard drive! If you are using Windows Vista, follow these instructions that we posted earlier. If you are using Windows XP, follow these steps:

Double-click My Network Places on your desktop.

Double-click Add Network Place.

Click Choose another network location...

...and click 'Next'

Enter the address 'https://dav.messagingengine.com/username.fastmail.fm', replacing
username.fastmail.fm with your actual username and domain (as you can see, you need to replace the '@' with a '.' here).

Enter your username and password, including the '@domain' part.

GIve it whatever name you like.

Done! You only need to complete those steps once.

Using your files

To access your files, after completing these steps, first double-click 'My Network Places'.

Now, double-click the name you created earlier.

You will see the contents of your file storage space.

You can drag files to and from these folders, on right-click to copy and paste.

There's lots of information about using all the features of your file storage in the FastMail.FM FAQ.