Users regularly tell us how important the security and privacy of their email account is. Sometimes because of how their email software was initially configured, users don't realise that their username and password are being sent over the Internet unencrypted, which is often a genuine surprise and concern.

Because of this, we have decided to enforce that all communication between a user's email software and our servers is encrypted, ensuring that no one can eaves drop on your username or password to steal your login credentials.

If we detect that you are currently using an insecure (non-SSL/TLS) connection to send or receive email, we will send you a notification directing you to this page which explains how to fix your email software. You will keep receiving this message until you have successfully fixed your configuration.

We will be rolling out these changes over the next few weeks and will give people until the end of June to change their software. We believe these changes are in the best interests of all users and are modern best practice on the Internet these days.