For those who like living "on the edge", we've now got the FastMail beta server setup. Basically new code that needs testing will go on this server. So feel free to try it out.

Things that work and things that don't.

  1. Unlike the old beta servers, Secure Login does work
  2. Changing your 'Define Rules' or 'Advanced Rules' does not work.
    It'll appear to work, but they won't actually be changed, so don't
    do it because you'll get confused.
  3. Don't try a rename/consoldiate/imap migrate.

Now for the new features on the beta server:

  1. The IMAP /Answered flag is now correctly set on emails you reply to.
    There's also a new 'A' column to show if you have answered an email.
    Currently 'Forwarding' isn't tracked. There's no standard IMAP flag
    for this at the moment. We'll see what we can do.
  2. On the message view screen, there's now 'Printer friendly' and 'Raw'
    message view modes

Any problems or suggestions: check out the forum thread.