This is the second post in the FastMail 2015 Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for another post tomorrow.

FastMail is one of the oldest email services still in existence today. The internet of 2015 is a very different place to that of 1999 when we were first getting started, and unsurprisingly our homepage has changed a lot over that time too! So for a bit of fun (and with much thanks to the Internet Archive), we thought it would be interesting to take a trip down memory lane and take a look at how it evolved. Even if some of those earlier versions are now somewhat embarrassing…

Let's start way back in 2001, when FastMail was still in preview mode:

Thankfully, we quickly decided "blue" was really more our colour, and by late 2002 had settled on a plain (but clean for the time) design that stayed our homepage for many years:

The introduction of business and family accounts led to small tweaks in 2008, but still along largely the same lines:

Come 2009, things began to change more drastically, including the first use of an image!

That one didn't last long though, and from 2010 to late 2012 we had the following (from which our main consolation is that Twitter's old logo is at least as ugly as our old logo…):

Near the end of 2012, the launch of our revamped webmail came with a completely new homepage design:

And then finally we come to our current homepage, introduced in late 2014: