Today FastMail.FM released the eagerly anticipated File Storage feature. The File Storage screen lets you store and manage files at FastMail.FM, and is fully integrated with the email service. You can upload files from your computer to your File Storage area, and rename, copy and delete files in your File Storage area. You can attach files from your File Storage area to email that you send. You can make files in your file storage area available to be viewed by others via the web - or you can even password-protect individual folders to share with selected people. You may find this feature handy to:

  • Create your own web-site, such as a photo album, online resume, or
    family notice board
  • Share work files securely with selected colleagues and clients
  • Store commonly used attachments such as a product brochure, for
    speedy attaching to emails
  • Send links in email instead of sending large files, cutting down on
    your bandwidth usage
  • Access your most important files wherever you are, even if you don't
    have your computer with you
  • Completely customise the look of FastMail.FM by placing a custom
    stylesheet in your file storage area

FastMail.FM's set of File Storage features is unique, including:

  • Detach email attachments to any file storage folder
  • Attach multiple attachments to an email from any file storage folder
  • Multiple different password protected folders
  • Subfolders
  • Purchase more space for one-time fee
  • Server-side zipping/unzipping

To get started, first read the File Storage FAQ, then login to your FastMail.FM account, and click 'Files' in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Full and Enhanced subscribers get plenty of space for no extra charge, and Members and Guests get a handy trial-sized allocation:

       Level Space (MB) Bandwidth (MB)
Guest 0.25 10
Member 0.25 10
Full 20 250
Enhanced 150 750