Enhancement: Finally got around to creating a pretty style-sheet, so we've got nice colours! If you click 'Preferences', you can choose from two styles, or remove the style sheets altogether. If you find any graphical problems in your browser, please let us know what the problem is, including your browser version (choose 'Help' from the 'About' menu). You can email webmaster@fastmail.fm to tell us now!

Enhancement: Added a header to every page so you can jump straight to any screen.

Enhancement: Cleaned up the Mailbox screen so that all the possible actions are listed in a drop-down box at the bottom of the screen.

Enhancement: Started adding Help links--you can see some now on the login page. Just click on the little ? links to get context-sensitive help. We'll be adding lots more of these over the next few days.

Enhancement: Improved security. Now, if you have an insecure connection to the login screen, but then choose 'Secure login', an encrypted connection will be created before your username and password are transmitted.

Enhancement: Added shortcut keys to the mailbox screen. Press ALT plus the underlined letter of a word to jump straight to that part of the screen. To jump straight to a hyperlink, press ALT plus the underlined letter, followed by the Enter key. Note that shortcut keys require at least Internet Explorer 5.x, Netscape Navigator 6, or Mozilla 0.9. The following shortcuts are also defined--ALT plus:

  • H: Search
  • R: Retrieve
  • G: Goto