• Bug fix: Messages encoded as 'quoted-printable' are now displayed

  • Bug fix: Messages which include attached emails (eg. MIME type
    rfc822/message) now display the emails as .eml attachments in the
    attachment list. You can download these to display locally with an
    email client, or to display in the browser. Mozilla does a good job
    of displaying in the browser, IE not so good. Eventually they'll be
    displayed in the same way as a normal message with the View Message

  • Enhancement: We've altered the signup process considerably, to
    ensure that you have an existing email address before signing up.
    This makes sure we have a place to send lost passwords, ensures you
    aren't signing up multiple times, etc.

  • Bug fix: The 'redirect' option for emails has been fixed. This
    action allows you to send an email to another address, while still
    keeping the same subject, from address, etc of the email. This is
    useful for moving an email from your FastMail account to another

  • Enhancement: We've got a couple of other domain names you can use
    instead of fastmail.fm:

    • myfastmail.com
    • speedymail.org
    • fastemailer.com

    You should be able to login to any of these domains, though using a
    secure connection will currently give you a warning about security
    certificates not matching the domain name.