• Bug fix: 'Delete', 'Next' and 'Previous' on Message Read screen now
    correctly obey the search criteria from the mailbox screen
  • Clicking on the / and / on a sorted column heading would remove the
    current sort, and potentially fall back to the default sort. This
    was confusing behaviour so now clicking on / or / is the same as
    clicking on the column heading text.
  • Bug fix: Some screens were incorrectly being shown as sorted by a
    field when they weren't really
  • Bug fix: You can now change the default signature
  • Bug fix: 'Preview' mode now correctly works as specified for 'All'
    or 'Unread'. Previously it was only working for Unread messages
  • Bug fix: Folder synchronisation now works properly. Folders created
    or deleted with an external IMAP client client appear/disappear when
    logging in or going to the Folders tab on the Preferences screen
  • Changed window title to folder name in Mailbox screen. This seems
    more useful
  • Clicking 'Edit' on the Compose screen now resolves all nicknames to
    full email addresses before going to the Edit Addresses screen