This article was originally published as part of the Pobox blog. Pobox was acquired by Fastmail in 2015.

We're pleased to announce a new feature for Mailstore accounts today -- Mailstore Archive!  Archive offers two new options, in addition to the standard delivery to your Inbox:
  • Inbox + Archive: to have your mail to go to both your Mailstore Inbox, and to your Archives folders
  • Archive Only: Don't send messages to your Inbox, just store them in your Archives folders
Archives can be separated on daily or monthly basis.  We've been testing them in-house, so I'll tell you how we've been using them by way of example.

I read all my mail on Mailstore.  I'm using Inbox + Archive, and storing my archived mail in monthly folders.  Now, when I read my email in my Inbox, I only move messages that I need to be able to find quickly by topic into folders, and delete other messages as I deal with them or respond to them, and use my Archives folders as my stored copy.

Otto uses his Mailstore account as a secondary backup account.  He  reads his mail at one of his forwarding addresses, and uses his Mailstore account in case his forwarding address is unavailable.  He uses Archive Only, and stores mail in daily folders, so he can quickly look at messages from the last day or two only.

Tim prefers managing his mail manually.  After testing Archives, he switched back to Inbox Only, so his mail just goes to his Inbox, and he moves it to folders as he likes.

The standard behavior for all Mailstore accounts is Inbox Only right now, but we hope you'll check out the Archive options.  If you turn on Inbox + Archives, we'll begin putting all mail that comes to your Mailstore into Archives folders.  If you use Archives Only and you also use email filters to direct messages into specific folders, messages that are not assigned to another folder will go into the Archives folders.

If you have any questions about the new Mailstore Archive feature, or need any assistance, please let us know!