All customers will be getting more stuff, for no extra cost! Full and enhanced subscribers get the best deal - many thanks for the support of all of you. Here's what's happening:

  • Full subscribers get 600MB email storage, enhanced get 2GB
  • Full: bandwidth per month 300MB; Enhanced: 1GB
  • Bonus - all Full and Enhanced subscribers get a one-time free extra
    bandwidth pool of 600MB (full) and 2GB (enhanced) - this is for
    those times when you need a bit extra for archiving, migrating mail,
  • Hourly bandwidth: Full - 150MB; Enhanced - 500MB
  • Hourly message quota: Full - 1000; Enhanced - 2000
  • File storage quota: Guest and member: 1MB; Full 30MB; Enhanced:
  • Special offer for members: Trade in your member level account
    for a $14.95 account credit on your upgrade to Full or Enhanced. (If
    you don't renew after upgrading, you will go back to guest, not

We'll be implementing these upgrades late in September, and all current and new users will get them for free. You can read more information about the upgrades at The Update FAQ. The special offer for upgrading from members applies to everyone, no matter how long you've been with us, and how much you originally paid! The new levels here will replace the old levels when this upgrade is implemented.