rewritten to be clearer about who is affected and match the forum thread

Who this affects:

This only affects users who host email for their own domain with FastMail or other ME brands, but manage their own DNS.

What has changed:

The preferred naming of our MX servers. The old names and have been merged into the single load balanced server, and has been renamed to match.

What do I need to do:

If you manage your own DNS (to allow your website to be hosted elsewhere) but have your email hosted with us, then you need to change the MX servers for your domain to the following:

  •; preference=10
  •; preference=20

Will there be any outages:

No. Since both the old and new names point at the same servers, the changeover will not be transparent. You can make these changes without fear of affecting your email (though note: make sure you spell the server names correctly!). We won't be removing the old names any time soon, so things will keep working either way.

If you haven't updated your domain in the next few weeks you'll receive an email with these same details suggesting that you change your settings - then a bit later the automatic domain checker will be changed to warn about the incorrect settings, and finally we'll remove the old names once we've confirmed that everyone had changed over.

If you have any questions, please post them in this forum thread.