I've setup a new Virtual Domains screen on our beta server. More details in this forum post. The main advantages of the new screen are:

  1. Users can explicitly control sub-domain handling for their virtual
    domain (e.g. Yes, No, or Drop)
  2. Users can set a domain to be "external". This allows them to use
    sub-domain addressesing by default, but explicitly exclude certain
    sub-domains. For instance, say they have mydomain.com, and want
    xyz.mydomain.com and blah.mydomain.com to work as regular
    sub-domains, but don't want lists.mydomain.com to be captured by our
    servers, they would set:
    domain.tld, subdomains=yes
    lists.mydomain.tld, active=none
  3. Users can set a domain to be "web only". This means we ignore DNS
    checks for the domain, don't resolve the domain internally for
    email, but allow them to add the domain on the Websites screen. Of
    course they still have to point the DNS for the domain to us, but we
    don't actually need to check that.
  4. Users no longer need to contact us to activate their domain. There's
    two procedures they can use:
    • Regular
      1. Add the domain on the virtual domains screen
      2. Change the DNS to point to us
        Normally the race condition where the domain isn't activated
        but some systems see the DNS pointing to us is solved
        because we now return a 451 response to any delivery attempt
        until the domain is activated, so other systems should just
        keep retrying until the domain is active.
    • Paranoid
      1. Add the domain on the virtual domains screen
      2. Change the DNS so the MX records for only active.domain.tld
        point to us
      3. Wait for the notification email that the domain is active
      4. Change the DNS so the MX or NS records for domain.tld point
        to us
        This fixes the race condition, but allows users to do it
        themselves without intervention from us. This in most cases
        means that a domain can be activated within about 2 hours

I've also split the documentation for aliases and virtual domains, and cleaned it up to be more explicit. I've currently put the new docs here:


If people want to check it out or test it out, it's currently available on the beta server, and should be working all correctly.

Update: The new screen has been rolled out to all production servers