A number of updates have just been rolled out

  1. The ability to set a "Reply to" address with a personality. Normally
    when a recipient replies to an email, the reply is sent to the
    "From" email address in the email. However, if a "Reply-To" address
    is set on an email, that email address is used instead. On the
    Options -> Personalities screen you can now set a separate
    "Reply-To" email address for each personality that's set in an email
    when you send using that personality
  2. Ability to rotate photos in the file storage area. When viewing a
    directory in your file storage as photos, the new options Rotate
    and Rotate anti-clockwise are available in the
    Action menu. These control the displayed rotation of currently
    selected photos in the specified direction. Note that the actual
    photos are left as is on disk, only the actual display of them on
    the file storage screen, and on any websites shared as photo
    galleries is rotated
  3. A new filtering option is available to display all Selected
    emails only. This appears directly above the mailbox listing along
    with the All, Read, Unread and Flagged options. If
    there are selected emails, then in addition, the link is made bold
    and the count of selected emails is shown (e.g. Selected (3))
  4. Searches on the mailbox screen can now include the word OR to search
    for one thing or the other. For instance, doing a search on the
    mailbox screen for fred will search the mailbox for email with a
    Subject containing "fred", or with a From address containing "fred".
    If you now do a search for fred OR john (the OR being all capitals
    with spaces around it is important), then it will search the mailbox
    for an email with a subject containing "fred", or with a subject
    containing "john", or with a From address containing "fred", or with
    a From address containing "john"
  5. Small bug fixes to the Format action on the compose screen
  6. Improved handling of sub-folders of "Inbox". In same rare
    circumstances, certain sub-folders of the Inbox folder may not have
    displayed properly, this has now been fixed