Just thought those who were hoping FastMail might do proactive things would like to hear this:

I've just finished moving all users from server4 to replicated storage. This has freed up an entire machine to add a new drive unit and configure with the new infrastructure setup for replication.

Over half our users (by mail volume) are now replicated - still plenty fewer than half by number since there are a pile of guest users on the smaller disks, but we'll be getting to them soon. I'm trying to build a balanced profile of different service levels onto each mail store.

Also - the internal monitoring tools are greatly improved over where they were last week. We now get notified if replication falls behind, and a bunch of conditions that previously had to be manually noticed (old replication log files lying around, replication bailing out over errors) are now both brought to our attention and automatically fixed if possible. That makes me a lot happier!

Bron ( so that's been my week, how was yours? )