As pointed out in this forum thread, and further described in this forum thread, TiddlyWiki provides a nice, quick and easy way to publish and maintain a home page in your FastMail file storage. Here's detailed instructions on setting it up.

TiddlyWiki is a wiki that works in a single HTML page. It uses javascript to maintain, edit and allow saving of the entire contents into a single page. By using the file storage area, you can have your own wiki simply and easily.

  1. Login to your FastMail account, go to the Files screen
  2. Create a directory called "public"
  3. Click the Websites button at the top right, and share the
    "public" folder you just created to the url
  4. Mount your file storage area to your computer via FTP or DAV as
    described here:
  5. Right click on this link: and
    select "Save target as..."
  6. Navigate to your DAV mounted drive, and then into
  7. Change the name to index.html and click Save
  8. Open Windows Explorer, navigate to My Computer, and then into the
    DAV mounted drive and into /
  9. Double click on index.html, it should open in Firefox, or Internet
    Explorer, or whatever browser you have configured
  10. Follow the instructions to setup a title, and a default home page
  11. Click the Save Changes link at the top right of the page

That's it. If you now go to:

You'll see the wiki you saved. To edit your wiki, just follow steps 8 & 9 in the future, and click Save changes to save any changes back for other people to see.
Very, very neat.