1. When using an addresses from the address book with an email address, but no first/last name, it was being added as <emailaddr@domain.tld> to the To/Cc/Bcc field. When there's just an email address, you don't need the <...> characters, now removed
  2. The groups list on the address book screen is now sorted alphabetically (case insensitve and really ASCII-betically)
  3. Try to add ONLY an email address to a new address book entry would fail, now fixed
  4. Somehow there was a long standing bug that once an email was "selected" on the mailbox screen, you could not unselect it without moving it to another folder and back. Fixed now


  1. On the mailbox screen and address book screen, if there are multiple pages, it would show:

|< << [[ page list ]] [ Go ] >> >|

On modern JS enabled browsers, changing to a different page from the page list, would automatically click the [ Go ] button, so it's a bit confusing that the button is actually there when you don't need to click it. It's now hidden. This should happen in a couple more places in the interface, but I'll get around to them.