Our existing SSL certificate for messagingengine.com was going to expire in the near future, so we updated it with a new one. The new one has a longer key as well, making it technically more secure as well. For 99% of users there was no noticeable change, things just continued to work as expected.

However because of the longer key, the new certificate has a slightly different root signing CA. It seems a few pieces of email software (mostly Eudora and some fetchmail installations) don’t have this new CA built in, and so have been complaining about the authority of mail.messagingengine.com when you try and send or receive email with an SSL connection.

Eudora: To fix this, after you get the connection error, you do the following (from the Eudora help site):

From the Personalities Window,Right Click on the Personality in
question and select Properties: Incoming Mail: Last SSL Info: then go
to the Certificate Manager and select the SSL Certificate in question.
Click Add to Trusted.

For fetchmail, please follow the updated instructions on our wiki.

For other email software that doesn’t have the right CA certificate, you can download them and install them into your software. Since this is different for every piece of software, you’ll have to lookup the help for your particular system. The new root and intermediate certificates are: