This article was originally published as part of the Pobox blog. Pobox was acquired by Fastmail in 2015.

As you may know, Pobox was acquired by FastMail last November. Since then, we've been working hard to add their best-in-class services to Mailstore. FastMail webmail is a massive leap forward in terms of speed, device accessibility, and features. Today, we're pleased to announce access to FastMail webmail, calendars and contacts for all Mailstore accounts!

You can log in using your normal Pobox credentials at If you use two-factor authentication, please click "More" to enter your 2FA credentials at the same time.

What's different about FastMail

FastMail supports both Archive and Delete. 

Archive moves mail in the current folder into the Archive folder. Archived messages are kept for search or viewing in conversations. 

Delete moves mail to the trash, and should be for mail destined for permanent removal. Deleted messages will not appear in searches or conversations.

All your Pobox addresses have been set up as sending identities. You can edit or remove unwanted ones from the "Send Mail As" in your Mail Accounts settings.

What's new with FastMail

FastMail was designed from the ground up for speed, so you should notice improved performance across the board
FastMail has a full suite of access options -- webmail that's optimized for a range of device sizes, plus native apps for both iOS and Android

It has speedy full text cross-folder search, and keyboard shortcuts for power users. 

The calendars and contacts include invitations, improved support for use on other devices, and drag-and-drop editing.

App support (both FastMail's webmail apps, and within your own calendar and contact apps) is available today for users with standard passwords. App support for 2FA users is coming soon.

Delete for conversations can act on all folders. To match Pobox's behavior, it is currently set to act on the current folder only. Please be aware, if you switch to the "all folders" option, Sent and Mailstore Archive folders are included in "all".

When should you make the switch?

You can switch to using FastMail's webmail today -- there is no reason to continue using Roundcube (the webmail currently at

Please note: Both FastMail and Pobox Webmail access the same mail storage, so changes (deleting messages, replying, marking a message read) appear in both interfaces. For calendars and contacts, however, they are copies. Updates made to your calendars and contacts on FastMail will not be updated on Pobox, or vice versa. If you are a calendar/contact user, we recommend switching to FastMail at once, to reduce the likelihood of edits made on both platforms. However, if you notice any missing calendar or contact data in FastMail when you first log in, don't make any changes there -- tell us, so we can copy your information over to FM again first.

Roundcube will continue to be available for the next 30 days; after that, we will point to FastMail. If you spot any issues or problems with the migration to FastMail, please let us know right away!