I've added support for a couple of new features in WebDAV.

  1. modified time update support, so clients like NetDrive can now set
    the modified time of a file to help with synchronisation.
  2. lock support so MacOS 10.3.x can now write files (you still can't
    use https until 10.4, that's a client issue)
  3. client "quirks", so quota usage works on macs (you can see how much
    free space you have!)
  4. also, international character support works around a bug in
  5. an attempt to correctly handle clients (like NetDrive) that write
    filenames in the Windows local character set instead of UTF-8

On that last topic, I'd love to hear feedback over in this forum thread about your experience with non-English characters and your client. I'm trying to come up with a full set of workarounds per client to get the best language support we can.

It will fall back to trying to use your "DefCharSet" value from the the Options screen on the web interface - the same way that the email management screens fall back to that character set if the encoding of an email is buggy.