Do you like the idea of having your incoming email automatically organised and filed in the right spot for you?

Let FastMail become your email butler with the power of subdomain addressing.

With subdomain addressing, you can have a unique email address for each website you use or each list you subscribe to. Then when the email to that address arrives, FastMail can file the mail into a folder of the same subdomain name automatically: you don't even have to make a rule!

This is handy if you want all your PayPal emails stored in one spot, and your mailing list correspondence about holiday recipes in another. Unlike aliases, you can have as many subdomain addresses as you want.

If Bruce Wayne has as his email account, but he's just purchased a new gadget from Acme Construction, he can use the email address when shopping at their site. If he then creates an 'Acme' folder in his FastMail account, all mail to that his address will be filed into the 'Acme' folder. Automatically, without Alfred needing to lift a finger.

If he needs to send using that email address (to verify his account, perhaps), then he creates a personality of * called "wildcard".

When Batman goes to write an email, he selects the "wildcard" personality which lets him change the 'from' address to (or any other subdomain address he needs).

Then there are those websites who regrettably sell their database of email addresses to a third party, or get compromised. If you've used a unique email address for that site, you can now just send all mail from that address to the Spam folder while leaving the rest of your mail arriving as normal.

This has added benefits when keeping your other accounts secure too. Instead of using the same email address at various sites around the internet (banking, utilities, photo storage, social media, shopping, etc) you can have a unique address for each location. A unique address paired with a unique password helps ensure that even if one set of credentials is compromised, your other identities around the net are still secure.

Combine subdomain addressing with automatic folder filing and using the feature to hide folders from view unless they have new mail, and you have a mail system which removes clutter. You'll only see the folders which need action taken.

Leaving you free to get on with the job of saving the world.