We get many questions regarding the best way to configure the Apple iPhone or Apple iPodTouch. The built-in Mail application on these devices can easily be configured to access your FastMail account.

Many times, the iTunes application will synchronize your email configuration automatically to your iPhone. You can also configure it manually.

Here are the steps required:

  1. Go to the Settings application, choose Mail, Contacts,
    .  The select Add Account...
  2. Type type will be Other, then select Add Mail Account
  3. Type your name in the Name field
  4. Type your Desired Email Address in the Address field.  For
    example:  myusername@fastmail.fm or you could use another email
    address listed as one of your personalities.
  5. Enter your password
  6. Description can be anything of your choosing
  7. Click Save

The iPhone will then attempt to look up your information. At that point, you will have to supply some additional information.  We recommend using the IMAP configuration.

  1. Under Incoming Mail Server, set the Host Name to be:
  2. In the User Name field, enter your FastMail user account ID  
    (e.g. myusername@fastmail.fm)
  3. Your Password should already be pre-filled from above.
  4. Under Outgoing Mail Server, set the Host Name to be:
  5. The Outgoing User Name must be entered.  Enter your FastMail
    user account information again.
  6. Don't forget to enter the Outgoing Password as well
  7. Press Save
  8. At that point, it should verify your connection information.  If
    you've misspelled your account name or password, you will have to
    fix them before you can proceed.

To use the phone optimally with FastMail, there are some Advanced settings that should be adjusted. Before that can happen, it is important for the iPhone/iPod to connect to the server once to download the list of folders from the FastMail server.

This is easy to do, simply press the home button, then choose Mail and highlight your new mail account. If you are currently viewing your Inbox, you can press the "Back" button with your account name at the top of the page.  This will list all the folders on the FastMail server. Items such as Drafts, Sent Items, Trash.

You are now ready to configure the Advanced settings. The benefit will be that all messages you send or delete from your iPhone will be visible from the FastMail webmail interface, or other email programs you have configured.

  1. Click the Home button, choose the Settings application,
    choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  2. Select your newly created account from list
  3. Scroll Down and select the Advanced button
  4. We need to modify each one of the Mailbox Behaviors entries
  5. Choose Drafts Mailbox.  You will then see the folder list "On
    the Server". Find your Drafts folder on the server and select
    it. Click the Advanced button at the top left when done.
  6. Next choose Sent Mailbox. Find your Sent Items folder on the
    server and select it. Click the Advanced button at the top left when
  7. Finally, choose the Deleted Mailbox. Find the Trash folder
    on the server and select it.
  8. You are complete.  Simply press the Home button to finish the

Once your configuration is complete, your iPhone will work perfectly with FastMail.

Some other items to consider:

  1. You do not necessary have to set the IMAP Prefix on the iPhone
    to be INBOX.  For our business customers, leaving the prefix blank
    allows your iPhone to see any shared email folders that exist in
    your business.
  2. If you use mostly utilize a public WiFi to access your email using
    your iPhone or iPod Touch, these can sometimes cause connection
    issues.  That is due to the WiFi provider being very restrictive
    regarding the ports that are made available.  Not to worry, you can
    change your email configuration to utilize our Proxy services. The
    proxy allows you to use IMAP over any port necessary (usually port
    80 is available).  You can learn more about our proxy servers