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Our show is about what means to be a good digital citizen and the practical steps to become one.

We're living in an abundance of amazing technologies and unlimited possibilities. But with it, comes a new wave of complex issues.

In areas of your digital life, you're wondering what's the best way to handle new situations. Many of us are looking for guidance on how to make the best decisions and actions.

Join the minds at Fastmail as they ask experts like you how to be responsible digital citizens.

You get a welcoming plaform to showcase your expertise. We want you to shine.

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We've been mentioned in the New York Times, The Guardian, PC Magazine, The Age and more. We've been recommended by DuckDuckGo, Fathom Analytics, Vivaldi web browser, The Accidental Tech Podcast, and more.

Enjoy a memorable conversation with Fastmail CTO, Rik Signes

Nerd out about the digitally connected world with Fastmail's CTO, Ricardo (Rik) Signes. Rik will lead a thoughtful, personable, and unforgettable chat on your area of expertise.

Named one of the most influential technologists in Philadelphia, Rik's a seasoned expert in open source development and privacy. His leadership on Perl, vastly improved the open source development lanuage in features, stability, and popularity.

People love talking to Rik, and it's not only because of his love of board games or horror movies. He brings to the table a knowledge of philosophy, language, and a human-centered approach to technology.

Fastmail is one of the longest operating and most trusted email providers in the world.

At Fastmail, we want to shape a future where technology is more human and people come first—with technology made for you, not against you.

Our privacy-friendly email service puts customers in control of their privacy. It's the service tech experts choose to host their email, calendars, and contacts.

One of our driving values is to be good digital citizens by leaving the internet better than we found it. We're a leader in open innovations that move email forward for everyone.

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